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Automatic Browser Extension Web Store Button

Add one line to your landing page's HTML and start seeing increased downloads

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Stefan Aleksic

Apr 20 2022

1 min read

At Plasmo, we're constantly solving real problems browser extension developers, and companies have. We built out a simple to use, no dependency, pure HTML solution to a problem affecting extension developers: serving the correct web store link depending on a user's browser.

Using MetaMask as an example,

<a href="">
    <img src=""/>

That's it.

The different parameters you can set are: chromeUrl, firefoxUrl, edgeUrl, and operaUrl, each pointing to the web store page for their respective stores.

Here's an example of this in action using the snippet above:

Depending on your browser, you should find the right image and be sent to the right web store.

Technical blog post talking more about how this all works coming soon!


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